Oilfield Units

These are just a few of the Legacy Oilfield Houses we can build –
But the combinations of oilfield or ranch buildings is only limited by your imagination.

Let us know what kind of building you need; draw it on a napkin if you want – And chances are, we can get it done.

And remember – don’t get hung up on codes – We can build them to HUD code, IRC, or to No Code.

Offering portable buildings & more!

And our pricing is second to none, because we’ve built so many of them. Just ask Big Dog about us, and find out how well-built these units are; how inexpensive they are; and the great service you receive throughout the process.

2br-2-5-Layout-2-Oilfield 2br-2-5-Layout-3-Oilfield 2br-2-5-Oilfield
2br-2ba-Oilfield 5br-2ba-Oilfield 5br-5ba-Oilfield

Remember, these are just a FEW examples. Because oilfield and ranch building requirements are SO widely varied, we can’t possibly show all of them on one page. Just remember – sketch it out for us – or come talk with Greg or Ronnie, and they will HELP you sketch it out, and then we’ll get with the right manufacturer to get it done.

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