Legacy Oilfield Housing in the Permian Basin

These are just a few of the Legacy Oilfield Houses we can build – Let us know what kind of building you need; draw it on a napkin if you want – And chances are, we can get it done.

Don’t get hung up on codes – We can build them to HUD code, IRC, or to No Code.

Our pricing is second to none, because we have built so many of them. Just ask Big Dog about us, and find out how well-built these units are; how inexpensive they are; and the great service you receive throughout the process.

These are just a FEW examples. Because oilfield building requirements are SO widely varied, we can’t possibly show all of them on one page. Just remember – sketch it out for us – or come talk with Greg or Ronnie, and they will HELP you sketch it out, and then we’ll get with the right manufacturer to get it done.